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AG Verteiltes Rechnen / Distributed Computing(last edit: imported>Sebi)
☯ AG Distributed Computing ☯ Pirate Party of Germany


Hosts of pirates from all over Germany are part of the largest computer in the world and we hope that this wiki page also inspire you for it, screw the computing power to higher ground to support the science and research.

Everyone who owns a computer can join the distributed computing! Choose a project that you think that it is worthy of support, and finally out to the computing network.

The mentioned text, information, opinion, media and concept designs and do not constitute an official statement of the Pirate Party of Germany, to this official by a partisan body to explain Such.


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Recent figures :
12681  Pirates in Germany
Active pirates in the Wiki
  • The latest project in the World Community Grid is "Computing for Clean Water"
  • The first pulsar was discovered by the Einstein@Home distributed computing project. A computer from Mainz (Germany) and one from Iowa (USA) discovered this pulsar named PSR J2007 +2722 "about 17,000 light years from Earth. Online articles are linked under Media.
  • The Pirate Party of Germany has happened in the international statistics, the mark 300 of the best teams and is currently available on the Rank 252 At the national level, the Pirate Party Germany ranks even ranked 27 of the best teams. 256 members is one of the pirate team at present.
  • World Community Grid is pleased to launch the Linux version of The Clean Energy Project - Phase 2 The Project hopes to find promising new materials for organic solar cells.
  • New user category Every wiki user can now categorize their account with Benutzer hat BOINC (User has got BOINC).

AG / Coordinators

AG / Pirates

Team / Pirates

Pirate has BOINC


 debug         = 0
 category      = Benutzer hat BOINC
 namespace     = Benutzer
format   = ,\n# %TITLE%,,
 order         = ascending
 ignorecase    = true


Our objectives

  • This principle of the scientific work to offer one of many possibilities, the Open Access (open access) in science and research. The results of the work is published and the public to come good.
  • Furthermore, can reach the pirates party at this level, many people who already participate in projects of distributed computing. The existence of the team Pirate Party Germany means a permanent online presence in global figures achieved at competitions and also people who are not concerned with politics.

Actively participate

We are always happy to welcome new, active participants. If you want to work with us, it's probably best if you:

  1. signing up as a team pirate or AG pirate here on the right side of this Page.
  2. come to our meetings.
  3. subscribe the Mailinglist
  4. bring your ideas here on the wiki.
  5. simply take part in distributed computing


  • There is the possibility to get in touch with other Cruncher in an IRC channel at . Chan: #piraten-rechnen
  • you can subscribe the mailing list at AG-Verteiltes_Rechnen.
  • Well as on each wiki page can also be discussing.


  • The members of the team of the Pirate Party Germany divided on a variety of projects on which they count/ compute. There are popular and less known projects. Everyone compute what he considers appropriate. It created such a small additional teams for each project.
  • The Association of distributed computing is currently listed under the roof - AG Public Relations with the sequence number 31.
  • To the list of associations and their contacts is here.


  • To AG distributed computing and its goals to manifest and make known, a similar cooperation with other AG's and AK's is sought.



  • Automatic placement indicator
  • AG-Page in english
  • Optical adjustment of the overall presence of the AG
  • Search for our own project
  • Team Founder for BOINC-wide account set on only one account
  • Consolidation of all pirate teams
  • Entering the Challenges among Competition
  • Statistics pictures keep up to date
  • ToDo list keep up to date
  • Order of the QCN sensors
  • Glossar

Finished cross out please: done


  • To watch our results you have to switch to the german language Wiki Site
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