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The latest BOINC Software Version 6.10.58

The BOINC platform will also be offered as an optimized version for certain projects, or processors and operating systems. Some projects give out the source of system operations, which are then improved by an inventive programmers. Opportunities here are changes in the application itself, the use of CPU-specific instruction sets such as the various versions of SSE with the appropriate compiler switches, or as the integration of a GPU. In some projects these optimized applications are installed automatically. But it may also be that these must be downloaded separately. They are usually at least one. EXE, the optimized application, and a file app_info.xml in which there are a few information on the new applications. This mechanism is recognized when Boinc start and reported as "anonymous platform". To install the optimized application Boinc is stopped, the downloaded files are copied into the appropriate project directory (for example, after: \ Boinc_Data \ projects \ and then restarted Boinc.

The unofficial BOINC-Wiki has a page for optimized Apps.

Here are Bloinc clients for various platforms.

Optimized App (Seti@home – rest folgt)

Da die Berechnungszeiten bei Seti@home anfangs immer eine halbe Ewigkeit sind, wurden sogenannte optimierte Applikationen (optimized Apps) entwickelt.HIER findet ihr den Installer von Lunatics. Zur Installation darf BOINC nicht rechnen. Die Installationsroutine fragt euch zur Technik eures PC’s, zur CPU und GPU. Wenn ihr nicht wisst was ihr klicken sollt, könnt ihr selber bei Wikipedia reinschauen oder gegebenenfalls im IRC nachfragen.

Who knows better and wants to manually set up the optimization will find material for the project Collatz Conjecture here

MilkyWay@home for the project, there is something here.

Einstein@home apps are here.


A BOINC wide team is one that all BOINC projects, join in with an identical name, a FOUNDER (Captain) and an e-mail address.

On the side of BOINC-wide Teams, there is more information.

Mendoza has for the team Pirate Party Germany already created a BOINC-wide account.

Now it is the different team to lead Founder of the individual projects to the same together.

Mendoza and debaernd will now inform all team Founder possible about the fact that it will soon be a single team on all BOINC projects founder. Therefore, all recent Founder to be converted to a new one. That single Teamfounderaccount can then be managed using the BOINC-wide account, making it significantly easier to manage the team of the pirate party of Germany. The project points are only credited to the BOINC wide team account if the preconditions were created for it.

  1. A FOUNDER facilities: shared (Captain]
  2. A team of the same name (Pirate Party Germany)
  3. The same e-mail address for all projects.

Mendoza is currently the name for the BOINC Wide FOUNDER account and the e-mail address is his name and

This will change after the merger, as the BOINC-wide account will be administered by at least two pirates, the distributed computing join.

We are still looking for a suitable name for our BOINC WIDE mail address. We have started a small doodle survey.



 debug         = 0
 category      = Benutzer hat BOINC
 namespace     = Benutzer
format   = ,\n# %TITLE%,,
 order         = ascending
 ignorecase    = true