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AG Verteiltes Rechnen / Distributed Computing(last edit: imported>Mendoza)


Frequently Asked Questions for Newcomers.

Distributed Computing

Basic questions such as:

  • What is distributed computing?
  • What's the point?
  • How can I join?

probably be answered here.


For a relaxed introduction to the Distributed Computing with the computing platform Boinc is thought the Video Tutorials.

Optimized Clients

All of the optimized Boinc client can be found here

Externe FAQ Links

Here are some pages linked, wich keeping the answers ready.

Distributed Computing / BOINC


Here are some hints how the statistics work. Every day the information is updated on the members of each project team (against 4 clock in the morning). Then the matching of the Cross-Project ID in the Forums user profile is performed. Therefore, it can be a time delay in the registration of new members into the statistics.

The credits of the registered users are also daily, updates the team credits four times daily (approximately 4:00, 10:00, 16:00, 22:00 clock) via WAP Stats.

If a project at the time the upgrade just to be reachable, so the old values are retained. If you do as 'double' found in the statistics, it is because that you are different Cross-Project IDs (CPID have). To match this, make sure that you are in any Prokjekt the same name, email, etc. using. Register simply time to all projects in a host, so that can match the CPID.

Sense and Nonsense

1. What do I get?

Fun, as unlikely as that may seem. But it's fun to see his value rise, and to know that you're doing so good. What we had in passing the most important point: you do something good, the research helps in areas that an interested person, be it mathematics and physics or the search for aliens or for drugs. In addition, you learn almost incidentally a lot about the variety of scientific topics.

2. What did the pirate party of it?

The party is mainly a promotional effect. The first party (soon) among the world's best teams! We not only talk about education and research, we also do something for it. And in the spirit of sharing: Give what you have in abundance (computing power) to those who need it (eg the people for whom a cure is calculated). Then weld the team together, the members of course even more.

3. BOINC bother me at work or play?

The calculations are definitely not per CPU. It uses only unused computing cycles. With the graphics card (GPU) it looks different. Depending on the "size" of the GPU and the application can occur in some extreme prejudice. For this reason, the default use of the card is off when the computer is used. After 3 minutes (adjustable) inaction only captures the GPU to be expected. You can use the GPU also completely eliminate from the calculations.

4. What about the power consumption?

If the processor pays more, it consumes more power. This produces heat and costs money. Universities have computer centers. So that's not useful to you?

The answer is yes and no. Data centers are using lower clocked, low-power processors. But in contrast to home computers, they are (with expensive, high-quality parts) purchased extra for numeracy and - because of the concentration of the processors - they produce a lot of heat which must be removed stromfressend. Anyone who has ever had in a data center that knows what that means;)
In addition, you have to pay even in a data center people (either locally or by the manufacturer), which take care of it, at home, do you do it yourself Everything costs money, and the universities which have chronically low.

If you can run a computer for extra anschafft or an existing BOINC overnight only for the reason expected to, it is therefore likely ineffective. But if one normally uses the computer and the CPU can work in the background, BOINC is very effective and inexpensive whole society.