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fenhir / picture licence: CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0

/whois fenhir

  • Realname: Er1k Ku#ch (discard "#" and replace "1" with "i")
  • Location: Esslingen am Neckar / Germany
  • Year of birth: 1975 (Zodiac: Aries)
  • Active pirate at Landesverband Baden-Württemberg
    • Well, we 'll see, what I do there. ;-)
    • Interests: Fight against unfair censorship in mostly every form. International and national laws, regulations and enlightenment of gambling (with focus on internet-gambling). Privacy as human right. Transparency of the political system. "I am not a criminal and fight against a state, which treats me like a criminal (enforcement of fingerprint-delivery / telecommunications data retention without strong suspicion)". In dubio pro reo!


  • IT-Samurai
    • Penetration-testing / live-hacking-roadshows
    • Work/s|ed as security-engineer / -consultant / Head of Engineering it-security
  • Some journalistic skills
    • Works as freelance journalist for several magazines online and print
    • Worked at the german Heise Zeitschriften Verlag / Redaktion c't / Ressort heise Security / see:
    • Former Network-Security-News-writer
  • Investor
    • Private ;-)

Spare time

  • Politics
    • Thats why I am here for. ;-)
    • I was already an active member of the german political youth organization "Junge Liberale" (young liberals).
  • Riding (Horse)
    • /me likes student-riding-competitions and the parties there! ;-)
  • Snowboarding (race / boarder cross)
  • Poker
  • Inline-skating
  • Reading

End of WHOIS list

My political objectives

  • (To be done)

Contact Info

E-Mail GPG-Key: 0x1BBBED48 [ E-Mail per Piratenwiki ]
IRC Something with "fenhir" at #piraten-bawue on FreeNode-IRCnet
ICQ 233844946
MSN fenhir at
Y!-ID fenh1r at
AIM fenh1r fenhir
Skype/Teamspeak Please ask for it
Telephone/Fax/GSM Please ask for it

About the nick

  • (To be done)


  • Calendar (to be done)
  • ToDo (to be done)
  • Diary (to be done)

Licence for informations on this webpage

  • Information on this webpage is published with this licence: CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0. In addition I want to be asked every time -- information on this webpage is used somehere else than on this webpage. No use of those informations is allowed without my approval.
  • The structure of this webpage without the information about me can be used under this licence: CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0.

Pirate's qualifications