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Manuskript zum Thema Creative Commons im besonderen und freien Lizenzen. Dieser Vortrag wurde gehalten:

Two Ways

When we talk about free licensing and open source we usually do it in comparison to intellectual property and closed sources. In fact these are two types of dealing with information.

What means this to our society in these days.

intellectual property

Mark Getty, chairman of Getty Images one of the world's largest Intellectual Owners, says "Intellectual Property is the oil of the 21st century".

When Mark Getty mentions Intellectual Property, he talks about classical property.

Property as a way to limit access.

This is quite important to material-property:

  • If you have a cow, you can share it with a few people, but you cant support a whole city.
  • But an Idea, some Software, Music and lexicon can be used by the whole world.


  • The important difference is, that the amount of YOUR information does not shrink when you share it.
  • And - Information rather needs to be shared to grow.

So its important for information to be free.

free licensing

Free communication is the natural way to handle Information.

Free licences like Creative Commons allow everybody

  • to use,
  • mostly also to modify contents.

why useful?

Modification is partwise creation and the shortest way to improvement and developement.

information like music, novels, software, "way to build crafts", lexicons don't appear as complete thing

  • it starts with an idea
  • next is a draft
  • adding little improvements
  • discussion

useful II

free licences are not only useful

  • using and consuming
  • also u can use a good base
  • you can get help (open source always gets done by huge communities)


you don't have to ask a company for a proposal, and sometimes you get heard and than you have to pay for own ides

You can just do it,

this is very effective


Why should an artist or a developer "give away" his output? He also needs money to pay his bills.

  1. You can have a very huge and distributed audience. Without borders of distributing and law barriers.
    And its even possible to earn money
  2. one of the most important condition for an successful business is: coverage. People have to know what can do
  3. and on this base it is possible to earn money. As a software-consultant, with live-performance or as an teacher.

This is not an easy way, there is no guarantee that this was will work. But it could, and it is done by more and more creative. There are many musicians who don't need a mayor label to get a fan base, many software-developer earn money using the programs they have written themselves.

So You see there are many opportunities, lets talk about these.